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Enabling Tomorrow's Batteries Through Comprehensive Materials Analysis



Improving the speed, scale, scope, and accuracy of battery material analysis, enables highly effective characterisation of both battery components and systems. This comprehensive qualification of the properties, purity, composition, quality, and behaviour of cell materials accelerates the optimisation of the five key performance criteria:

Energy Density | Power Density | Safety | Lifespan | Cost

In this live webinar, we will discuss the use of electron microscopy-based analysis in combination with confocal Raman microscopy/spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy (AFM) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to provide a holistic and correlated view of battery materials. Case studies across R&D and manufacturing will include:

  • Determining root cause of cell failure from correlated microscopy, elemental, structural and chemical analyses
  • How nanoscale materials composition and electrical properties link manufacturing processes to final cell performance 
  • Characterisation of active material slurries in process to optimise anode and cathode coatings
  • Quantifying ion diffusion and mobility to qualify solid and liquid electrolyte performance

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Dr. James T. Sagar

James is the Business Manager for the Materials Analysis Group at Oxford Instruments. He also takes a lead on Oxford Instruments’ solution development and strategic marketing for the battery industry. James has held several positions within Oxford Instruments over the last 8 years with a focus on several different technologies including electron microscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance. James had a particular focus on using these technologies to provide deeper understanding of battery materials including product managing the world’s first EDS detector capable of detecting lithium x-rays and the world’s first broadband benchtop NMR spectrometer capable of characterising key battery nuclei in a single instrument. Before joining Oxford Instruments, James carried out post graduate research at University College London and a PhD at the University of York, with a focus on developing materials with unusual electron transport properties. 

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This Program is Provided By Volta Foundation

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